Help with eDofE

Hi all.

I will be in my old office, 3pm Monday 12 Feb to help with eDofE. I will try to deal with issues then but if there are many people then I will note the problems and sort them remotely at home or arrange to see you at the office at a later date.

Please note – I am sorry but  I do not know when the new St Mary’s DofE coordinator will be appointed or about this years expeditions.

Kind regards, Mr Archer

Year 10, silver Duke of Edinburgh award start

Wednesday, 22nd of November straight after school down at my office.

For those people who have completed bronze come along and find out about Silver. There is no charge for you for your license, I have already allocated one to you if you have completed bronze. You will save £20 by activating your account tomorrow. You can then decide whether you want to proceed with Silver or not. If you have nearly finished your bronze you can come along and find out what you need to do to finish.

Your volunteering, skill and physical can be done in your own time with activities of your choice. The person who takes over my job will then arrange for two expeditions for you.

Any questions give me a ring or text (07789) 921157.

Mr Archer

Mr Archer – Retirement

I will be retiring at Christmas. I am sad about this but it is the right time. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has now been made part of the St Mary‘s curriculum and this should result in a vast increase in the previous number of voluntary participants. I am very grateful to my team who have helped me establish high standards over the years since I started in 1982. Hopefully, my successor will have energy and enthusiasm aplenty to meet the challenge and I wish him or her every success in this.

I have seen how the DofE has benefited students over those years In terms of university and job prospects but more importantly in terms of character building and the building of friendships. I would urge you to continue with it. It is worthwhile.

I have now processed all the completed EDofE sections people have sent me. I am trying to get loose ends tied up before I leave. If you have not yet finished your award please try to get it done as soon as possible so I can get badge and certificate to you.

For those people who have completed bronze /Silver I will add the next level to your eDofE in readiness for you to continue. There will be no charge to you for these Licenses. 

If you need help with completing your award, email me on

Finally, I would just like to thank you for your support over the many years. It has been a rewarding and enjoyable job.

Mr Archer

Bronze, Silver and Gold

You will be notified on our website here with start dates, itineraries etc. There is no hurry. If you have not done so already will you please endeavour to complete last years award (yrs 10-12).

There is nothing to stop you actually staring your volunteering, skill and physical for your new level.

Volunteering Opportunities

I met with one of the rangers, Rose at Royden Park today. She is happy to take some volunteers there. It involves litter picking and ranger type activities. You will need to get in quick. Go and visit her after school or at the weekend.

Expedition Dates

These are not yet fixed so please don’t book holidays etc around them.

Mr A

Gold DofE Expedition 15-20 July 2017

All Gold candidates…

Please be aware we MUST have received the following from you to go on your expedition:

  1. full payment of expedition fees
  2. a completed consent form (download here)

Staff will be in on Monday 10 July for anyone who needs to hand in payments or consent forms.

If you have not collected a rucksack, please come in on Monday 10 July.

Please arrive by 11.00 am on Saturday 15 July.  On arrival, your group will be assigned an area of the dining room for full kit check.

You should bring something for your lunch.

If you did not attend either the sesson on 26 June or 3 July, please contact Mr Archer (07789921157) if you intend to come on the expedition ASAP.

Gold Expedition

If you did not turn up for the briefings on either 26 June or 3 July you can put off your Gold expedition until 2018. You will need to let me know if you are intending to do it this year or next. If you have paid to do it this year it will be reimbursed. You will need to pay in full and return a consent form if you want to go on the expedition.
Mr A

Bronze Gp B Final

Dropping off kit - Anyone going on the group B final expedition can bring their kit on Tuesday evening from 6:30pm – 9:00pm to be left in the quiet room OR from 8:15am on Wednesday morning.


After you have had your lunch, get changed into your expedition clothes. We will be leaving after lunch.

Everyone needs to be at the quiet room for 1pm on Wednesday.


Bronze expeditions sun and heat

Make sure you have a high factor sun cream with you. Bring a sun hat. The best types are the brim hats that protect your ears and neck as well as giving some shade to your face. Even better Are legionnaire style hats. You’re 1 L water bottle will be fine as we will top you up regularly en route. Remember, don’t miss any opportunity while you’re walking to soak your hat as it does help to keep you cool. Sunglasses if you want them. There is not much of a breeze forecast and this is good news for midges Bad news for us. You might want to bring some insect repellent.

Mr Archer