Bronze 30 Jan

Group B in. You are doing first aid. Anybody from group A who didn’t turn in last week for what ever reason must come on 30th.  

 There are still one or two people who have not yet started skill or volunteering. Time is definitely running out for you! Ss Peter and Pauls church in New Brighton are looking for volunteers to help run the shop. Saturday mornings. Let me know if you are interested.

EDofe- keep uploading and sending the evidence and to me of skill and volunteering

Mr A

Monday 9 Jan

Happy New Year DofE ers

Bronze Group A – mapwork – measuring height on 1:2500 map and what additional time to be added on for that height. Plus PE session.

Silver No session. Don’t forget Saturday orienteering in Royden Park. We will buy the drinks and bacon butties!

Gold Final – Routes and Sport

… and don’t forget to see to your eDofE online. It won’t happen on its own. The Dofe are now looking for photo evidence to be uploaded as well as an end statement from your non-related ‘supervisor’ saying what you have done and when with their signature and contact phone number.

Any q’s text me on 07789921157

Cheers, Mr A



Silver group Monday, 12 December

The group is not due in on this date but I recommend that anybody who needs additional assistance with their EDofE should come in. This is definitely true for the direct silver people. You won’t need to stay the full session by any means just until you are sorted and have a good understanding of what you have to do. You won’t have to pay any subs.  Mr A