Parent Pay Fault

There is a fault with this and it is beyond me to fix it. Some people have found that it is not showing that they have paid when they have. I have the definitive list of who has paid what so if in doubt ask. It is £80 for bronze and £120 for gold. If you go to another school but have asked to do DofE with us it is £220. Apologies for that.

Mr A

Bronze Expeditions approaching fast!

There are still a few people who have not paid all of their expedition fees and some who have not handed in their parent consent form. To go on expedition you will need to have done both of these. Please have both sorted before the end of this week. Payments can be paid on Parent Pay or cheque payable to ‘SMC YC’. Any problems give me a ring or text on (07789) 921157

Monday 22 May   Both groups are in 7-9pm. Expedition briefing and  kit talk. Last chance for consent forms and payments. You will be issued with ruck-sacks and liners.

Kit List

Expedition Kit List (PDF)

Monday 5 June Group A 7-8pm will bring in all their kit (but not fresh food) in the ruck-sack at 7pm for a kit check. You should be away before 8 pm. You can then leave  kit ready for early morning departure on Wednesday 7 June.

Group B bring kit  (Not fresh food) in at 8pm on this Monday. You should be away by 9pm It will be checked and then you can take it home and we will next see you on the Friday morning.

On Wednesday morning,8 th June at 7:45 am, Group A meet at school by the mini bus and trailer. and head off to Wales. Return on the following day at around 5pm.

Group B meet on Saturday morning at 7:45 am and will return on the Sunday at around 5pm.

If you are still unsure about food click on ‘DofE at SMC’ then click on ‘Expedition Food’

Any  uncertainties phone or text me on 07789921157.

Mr Archer

Gold DofE – Session Dates

For all Gold DofE candidates, please read carefully!

Gold Prelim Groups – your next session is on MONDAY 3 JULY

Gold Final Groups – your next session is on MONDAY 5 JUNE

Please keep checking for your list of kit check items which will be posted nearer the time.

Also, please keep a look out for your consent form which will be posted soon on the website.  This will be for you to complete, print and return to us.

Gold Team


Silver Final Expedition Wed 3 May-Sat 6 May

Bring your ruck-sacks in either Tuesday evening between 6:15pm and 8:45pm or Wednesday morning before school. Into Quiet Rm.

School uniform to be worn Wed am during lessons 1-3

After lunch at 1pm, get changed ready to go. Put your uniform in school bag or plastic bags provided. These will be stored securely. Pick up on return to school.

Depart St Mary’s 1:30pm

We should be back home Saturday between 5 and 6pm.

Any quetions phone me on 07789921157

Mr Archer




There is no meeting on Tuesday evening 18 April. Instead, there will be a short meeting on Wednesday lunchtime at 12:10 in RE 1 with Miss Skinner.
Remember, to participate in the expedition on Saturday you will need to have fully paid your expedition fes and handed in your consent form otherwise you will need to come back next year to do it.
Any problems phone me on 07789921157

Cheers Mr Archer

Bronze Wirral Orienteering

Orienteering walk on Wirral

We are taking the Bronze candidates out for a practice walk on Wirral. It will be a short walk (about 4.5 miles) and the emphasis will be on improving map reading skills. The pupils will walk in their expedition groups and navigate their way around the route. There will be staff and helpers strategically stationed around the route who can be contacted by mobile phone. They will also be using a Trangia camping cooker to brew up.

Venue: We’ve got the route but we are not revealing it until the day! It consists of minor roads and a bridal way.

Dates and Times:

Saturday 11 March 2017
8:45 am: Meet at St Mary’s. Groups taken to start by minibus.

Pupils will return to school from 12.45pm onwards and will need to make their own way home.

Saturday 18 March 2017
8:45 am: Meet at St Mary’s. Groups taken to start by minibus.
Pupils will return to school from 12:45pm onwards and will need to make their own way home.

Kit advice
• Water
• Sensible footwear.
• Check the weather forecast. For the expedition in summer, we will provide waterproofs. However, we will only have a limited stock available for this. Therefore, if you have a waterproof bring it.

• Mobile phone (2 +per group).

Any problems phone or text me on 07789921157

Mr Archer