Gold Prelim Wednesday 6 July

It is essential that you turn up with your equipment. Slightly awkward as you will get your ruck sack tomorrow night so just use any bag. The list is given below. Try to bring everything. Each persons kit will be checked against this list. There are still a few consents missing and a couple of payments to come in.
Any problems phone me on 07789921157
Mr Archer

Gold Equipment

Essential Clothing:
Boots—not shoes or trainers
Walking Socks
Hot and Cold Hats
Long-sleeved Shirt
Spare Clothes in Plastic Bag:
Trousers,Shirt,Jumper,Socks and undies
Alternative Clothing as Desired:
Personal Equipment:
Ruc-sac and liner*
Sleeping bag in waterproof bag
1L. Water Bottle
Plastic bowl
Waterproof matches or lighter
Torch (very small)
Map *
Compass and whistle
Small Notebook and pencil
Completed I.D. card*
Sellotape (small)
String (2 metres)
Spare Cash
Telephone cash (2 x 50p)
Plastic bags
(Flip flops)
Personal wash kit (Thin hand towel or better still a
travel towel, half tooth brush)
Health And Safety:
Personal first aid kit & sun cream
Emergency rations, sealed (high energy bars)
Group Equipment:
Washing up liquid
Pan scourer,
(alcohol hand sanitizer)
Group Shelter*
Trangia* & meths*
Food and menu
checkpoint cards*
* will be provided by St. Mary’s
( ) optional

Gold Prelim and Final

There are still a few people who have not paid for the expedition. This needs to be in by Monday 27th June. Use ‘Parent Pay’, cheque payable to ‘St Mary’s College Youth Club’ or cash. Any probs contact me on 07789921157.

The whole of the England match will be on in the dining area even if it goes into extra time if you would like to watch it after you have had your briefing and kit check.

Mr Archer


Bronze eDofE session – Monday night 27/6

Due to the England match kicking off at 8pm, this session will now be earlier. 6pm – 7:45pm. Several people have already completed all sections and I have sent their details off for the award. Don’t leave the eDofE or it will not get done and you will not get your award. Come in tomorrow to discuss progress. If you are struggling to upload evidence we will help you. Everybody has now successfully completed their expeditions and I have written them up on eDofE.  However, if you have not filled in your few simple bits under ‘expedition’ it will not show up.

The whole match will be on in the dining area even if it goes into extra time if you would like to watch it. Any concerns re eDofE or anything else contact me on 07789921157

Kind regards, Mr Archer

Bronze Qualifying Expedition

Congratulations everybody on completing your practice expedition. Not one drop out.

Group A. Sunday 19 June. Be at school for 2:45 pm.
Return about 5:30 – 6:00pm Tuesday 21st

Group B. Wednesday 22 June to Friday 24 June. Return about 6:00pm
You can bring your kit in Tuesday evening, 6:30 -8:30 pm if you like or Wednesday morning before school. It will be put in the Quiet Room. Wednesday wear your expedition clothes for school. You can leave your boots in the Quiet Room with your ruck-sac or just wear them. After lunch we will depart. School bags can be left in the Quiet Room which will be locked. Make sure you pick them up on your return.

Any problems phone or text me on 07789921157
Mr Archer