New Bronze Group Yr 9

Turn up on Monday, 26/9  for 7pm. Session ends approx 9pm.

You will need:

  • £2 subs
  • £19 eDofE money. This will be your license for the scheme. This should be a cheque payable to ‘St Mary’s College YC’ or cash. Patience will be needed as we work our way through the admin that goes with the first night.  It is a big group.
  • to be dressed in kit suitable for Sports Hall activities.

Mr Archer

Gold DofE Sessions

First session for new Gold Candidates (completed Silver in 2016) will be Monday 10 October, 7-8pm.

First session for Gold Final Candiates (completed Gold Prelim in 2016) will be Monday 10 October, 8-9pm.

Please note:

  • all Gold DofE sessions are now on Monday nights
  • cost of expeditions is £120 (an additional charge is applicable for candidates who no longer study at St Mary’s, this is School policy)
  • eDofE charge is £26 in additon to expedition fees (those Gold Final candidate who have already purchased eDofE do not need to pay this again)

Gold Itinerary is now available on the Gold Itinerary Page

When does DofE start up again?

New Bronze (yr 9) Group- Any St Mary’s pupil wanting to take the opportunity to find out more and possibly sign up for DofE come along on Monday 19 Sep at 7pm in the theatre. Bring parents. Meeting will last about an hour. Any further q’s phone Mr Archer on 07789 921157.

Silver and Gold – Staff only meet on Mon 12th Sep and will put the itinerary on this website as soon as poss after. That will tell you when to turn up.

Mr Archer