Mr Archer – Retirement

I will be retiring at Christmas. I am sad about this but it is the right time. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has now been made part of the St Mary‘s curriculum and this should result in a vast increase in the previous number of voluntary participants. I am very grateful to my team who have helped me establish high standards over the years since I started in 1982. Hopefully, my successor will have energy and enthusiasm aplenty to meet the challenge and I wish him or her every success in this.

I have seen how the DofE has benefited students over those years In terms of university and job prospects but more importantly in terms of character building and the building of friendships. I would urge you to continue with it. It is worthwhile.

I have now processed all the completed EDofE sections people have sent me. I am trying to get loose ends tied up before I leave. If you have not yet finished your award please try to get it done as soon as possible so I can get badge and certificate to you.

For those people who have completed bronze /Silver I will add the next level to your eDofE in readiness for you to continue. There will be no charge to you for these Licenses. 

If you need help with completing your award, email me on

Finally, I would just like to thank you for your support over the many years. It has been a rewarding and enjoyable job.

Mr Archer